Quotes and lessons 3.

People will be people, it’s their job to criticize, let others do their job and you do yours.

I’ll let others do their job and I’ll do mine.

Life is morality, good and bad and consequences, that is the truth.

Nobody cares, stop caring. You think too much.

One meaningful word : Growth.

You are your own help, and you are something of your own.

Quotes and lessons 2.

There are always things to do, places to see and places to be, it’s our eyes and our feet that deny them for our arrogant and ignorant reasons. We blame people and circumstances for our state and expect out of other people what we can’t do ourselves, have we no reason?

When you’re optimistic things will happen, then they happen in unimaginable and unexpected ways. So be positive.

Quotes And Lessons 1.

I am not alone on this planet, I can’t just think about me and die.

Instead of trying to be like each other and have each other’s things, why not help each other out and make each other better.

I am not interested in the guy thing at all, I am interested in a higher purpose and become the human being with the best character.

Allah’s advice- Advise each other to good and advise each other to patience.

You’re Independent, You’re Free.

Blaming others for what you’ve become? Can’t stop thinking about what others did to you? Then here’s the deal.

You’re an individual person irrespective of what others do to you. You have your own mind and your own body, you are responsible and capable of your own existence and no one can change a thing you do. Then why blame others?

Here’s a fact. No matter what the world does and no matter what you do, no one could do single thing to bring change except in their own lives.

Then there’s no reasonable cause to blame others. What’s the point? It’s not going to do anything. So here’s what you might need to learn asap.

You are an individual person, who has their own mind and body, you can’t blame others for yourself neither your circumstances, you always have a choice.

Consciously choose to do otherwise than the situation and make sure you reach the level when you feel confident in yourself because you have become what you wanted and after that set a higher goal and keep going. Never ever ever blame or give up.

When you blame others, you lose control over yourself. Because then you believe your choices are dependent on somebody else’s actions, which is not true.

You’re something of your own, so you can’t ever blame another for you. Change is you and change isn’t any otherwise. Go!

If You’re A Genius People Probably Don’t Believe It.

Have you ever noticed how most genius people are often called idiots, failures and insults that are probably not true about them? Wondering why? Here’s something that’ll tell you the truth.

It’s because we all have a rare genius inside us that is afraid of coming out because of what people will say about it.

And we all say that we don’t care but ultimately we are affected by what people say about us. Guess why we should be our rare geniuses?

Because they don’t get bothered by these things. Their minds are so big and busy that it has no space to think about this and get bothered. Their minds are working so much that they can’t remember such things.

The usual society doesn’t function this genius way. So, it always misreads such people as they try to understand them by the ordinary.

The ordinary says “you have to graduate” and the extraordinary says “self educate”, so people call you a failure when you drop out but actually you’re headed towards success. Only extraordinary success.

So when people don’t recognize you’re a genius, it’s probably a sign you’re a super genius. And if you’re a genius, people probably don’t believe it.

So stop defining yourself by the standard rules and find your rare genius.

Out of all the things you could possibly be, you’re that one genius, you’re special.

So act humble but also act special meaning have self respect. When somebody doesn’t like you or want you or is rude to you, walk out!!

Love and respect others selflessly because you’re not desperate and you’re grateful.

Genius, it’s time for you to become what you are and not care about what others think you are or as they’ll take you. Good luck!!

What You’re Criticised For Can Be What Takes You Far Ahead In Life.

What you’re criticised for the most can be what takes you far if you let it be.

How many times have I heard people say stuff to me that I wished from the core of my heart that it wasn’t true. But those things are a part of me and if I stay true to them and really understand why I have them then they can make me a unique personality that people will admire.

It’s not about the admiration, it’s about finding pleasure and satisfaction in who you are. That’s what will make you something in life, loving yourself for the most unique of your qualities.

Because those qualities are often what makes you who you are.

People are on to making you feel bad for who you are, it’s who they are and it’s what the world’s become.

There’s no changing except for when you’re accepting it loving it for it is unique and even though the world might hate it, it’s the best thing about you.

People always criticise difference for they are in fear of losing power, they’re insecure.

You have to make something out of your life and be unique and that’ll define you, you’ll, and so love yourself and everything about you because it can be something that makes you special and takes you somewhere even when the world hates it.

I’m lost up a cloud.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I’m silent and don’t easily mix.
I’m an introvert.
I’m strange.
I’m simple.
I’m mentally unwell.
I’m brown.
I’m Muslim.
But that’s me and I love it.
Thank you.

How To Really Educate Yourself.

woman lying on area rug reading books
Photo by Renato Abati on Pexels.com

What are insights?
In-sights. When you form a concept in the back of your head. Because it’s not in your conscious head, you might not be aware that it’s in your head, but we know one thing, concepts formation are a part of insights. Read along and you’ll know how. That insights meaning, seeing something in you by your inner sight, or perceiving something by your inner sight. Think about it this way.

There’s this man outside my building who my conscience finds shady, and I find him real creepy. He strikes as odd to my inner senses, that is the moral sense. And guess what? He is odd. This last day I saw him, I remember he told me something real private
about his life and I told him I didn’t want to know it and then it’s pretty clear I don’t like him he still always tries to talk to me. So your insights and the feelings in your guts are often right. This is just an experience or an opinion and an idea I formed, so bear with me.

So that’s an insight, something already there in you revealed to your inner sense, or by your inner sense catching up on something. That’s what it means to me.

turned on floor lamp near sofa
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

So how is an insight?

Something you form as an concept, then you perceive it by your inner senses, then it is revealed to you like something clicking in your head. That altogether forms an insight and it’s not necessarily spiritual. I would call it a deeper understanding by your inner
senses. Meaning intuition, that you receive before you have even seen an object that you might desire. So inner senses are real because you can feel them.

I am talking about inner emotions and the ability to understand right and wrong and the gut feeling that this is right to do and this is wrong and I shouldn’t do it.

Insights are deeper understandings and that is formed by concepts, perception and revelation.

Insights lead to enlightenment, and according to me enlightenment is by only and only self educating ideas. Because it’s your own ideas that you choose as the main ideas that make changes in you and your life.

The point is of all this to understand what education really means. Education is to make you independent to work and stand on your own feet, but to also become intellectually independent and have your own ideas and answers to everything. So if we really want to
educate ourselves and do something in life then we have to learn things that change our belief sets and thoughtfulness.

Something  wrong with morality, emotions, intellectuality, ideas and belief sets means something wrong with education. Everyone should self educate to reach that level of education that they can form their own ideas and beliefs and change their lives according to them but definitely based on something because we can be wrong and make mistakes and human minds can’t be completely independent.

Here’s the thing, what you think you can do is what you do and reality is like how we see it than what we see it as.

So the point of education is to put the reality of our universe in our own hands and help the world get better through bringing something new or advanced to the world. That is real education. So how do we really educate ourselves and become something in life
and have insights and enlightenment.

One word “habits” . Form habits and so will be your life. Form one habit per day and continue it for 66 days. This will be difficult but in time you’ll get used to it and you’ll be brand new human beings. Observe and learn to the level that you start getting insights
and that you’re an enlighted human being in your own field.

The proof is that it is an idea and ideas are based on real life experiences, if you think about it, I think it’s Plato or Aristotle who said that ” ideas are the only thing that’s real” , it’s philosophy he didn’t have to prove it. Philosophy is obvious and you know it.
So by his saying, this idea is the only thing that’s real because it existed before I found it. And if you believe it, it could be the start of a new reality. It’s all about believe or believe not.

The Balance Between Mind And Heart.

Human capabilities are worth a lot, human mind is wealthy and valuable so much more than any other human resource. We value our sense and our desires but we forget to take our brain along.

We leave it aside and just tag along with the feelings. But reality doesn’t function that way. Many a times you just have to accept the reality, the practical and then makes steps to change it and create the one you love. That’s the theory of change. It doesn’t work without acceptance of the present. That’s the difficult life we’re living.

If you want to know what human capabilities are imagine a progressive thinker working in a village at the time of no modern science and technology.

Thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and the Father of Western philosophy Immaneul Kant all thought for change and further thinking at such a time and they bought tremendous change. That’s human mind power.

Computers think by science and math, but human minds also have emotions and morality. So which minds can think better? And it’s a great shame that human beings deny morality and emotions and call them weak and invaluable.

The point is human capabilities have the ability to do so much when their minds and hands work. Writing and thinking is a way for every plan and every satisfactory scheme.

So what are we doing by just following trends and doing what makes us lose our minds? Aren’t minds the key to everything? Never lose mind control, accept maybe be light but never lose sensibility and sensitivity because you might end up doing something seriously wrong and might have to pay the consequences.

Human capabilities are with the mind. How can we lose them unless we are foolish? We are emotional, moral and intellectual beings capable of doing anything except for bodily limitations.

Let’s act as if we are great human beings and use our minds along with our hearts and most importantly open our moral senses. Have a good life but also a meaningful life. That’s the balance.

Maintaining this sort of balance isn’t easy because there’s so many distractions and ways to find ourselves procrastinating but there’s a solution.

What if we engage technology in something intellectual and constructive instead of social media? Like maybe reading an ebook on Critique Of Pure Reason by Immaneul Kant. It’s going to grow your intellectual capacity.

That’s how you maintain a good balance. Exercise meaning use just a little or as much as you can your mind and body, and also give it rest. That’s the way of great growth, when minds grow and you have enlightenment and insights.

Magical Charisma Unleashed!!!

woman holding donut with sprinkles
Photo by Karley Saagi on Pexels.com
  • There is an old time saying that says “magic is only real when you believe in it”. That maybe you are devoid of magic and you can’t find proof of it because you don’t want to, simply because you deny it. How can you see something you already deny?
  • I don’t defy science and I know that quantum physics has no explanation. That when you go into the absolute micro world things are hard to explain.

Is Magic Real?

  • So is magic real? Of course it is not. Magic was just a name given to the science that couldn’t be explained in the older times because there was no way to prove it or test it.
  • So what is the magic that we are supposed to believe in? What magic was I talking about that you needed to not defy. Have you ever seen somebody and wondered how they are the way they are? I am not talking about psychology or human behavior. I am talking about talents that is in the genes.
  • The talent that you find so heart touching and overwhelmingly powerful, charismatic, and unexplainable although there is a scientific explanation for everything. But even when you have the explanation you’re awed by some people’s talents so much that you have to call it magical. That is magic!!! Something you could explain but not help
    but call it extremely magical. That’s the truth. We’ve all experienced such talents, such skills, such people.

What Does It Take?

  • What does it take to unleash this magic? It takes a leap of faith “I’ve got music in my head saying “it’s gonna be alright!!” “.
  • It takes the faith to believe that you can do it and then go ahead and do it. Practice of course, prepare absolutely, but mostly strive, work and believe. That’s what is takes to unleash the magic within you, your charisma!!!

Metaphorical Sense!!

  • This is all in the metaphorical sense. I have seen such talents in people that I was awed by it.


  • There was this show on Indian t.v that was so very well made that it made me in awe of it. None of the contestants had ever learned singing, neither trained but they could sing like professional singers and if felt so magical.

It’s Not Just Me.

  • It’s just not me who thinks this. Elizabeth Gilbert called ideas to have a life of their own and that they somehow came to many people at the same time and if you didn’t make use of it justifyingly, it would find someone else.
  • So she believed in the magic of ideas. Yes, I know there’s no magic. But I know that something can be so incredible you will call it magical. That’s magical!!!

You want to know what’s magical? The philosophy in the book of The Critique Of Pure Reason!!!!

It’s clear to your senses when you see it! And even scientists will call some science beautiful and magical!! It’s not that it’s really magical, it’s just the way that it makes you feel that is incredible. Transcendental logic and pure thinking I read, and so I did based on it!!!

A Way Of Feminism For Everyone!!!

me too printed paper wall decor
Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

It’s crazy how feminists now call themselves all about feamle power when they haven’t really done something to really help them. Thinkers and writers of the past did so much for that, they sacrificed their whole lives working for it and barely got something out of it.

But they do have been remembered by people as saints. I can’t tell you the perfect feminist ideology because I am not an expert, but I can tell you my opinion. I love Jane Austen, she is my top feminist and I think all the women who are out there doing something great more important than that something valuable, promote feminism, only I think they should do specifically something for that. Hmmm, what could they do?

The greatest thing a woman can do in the society, is to show people how a woman need not conform to the hyper active patriarchal rules in here. I know you function in the society and so no matter how much you don’t care, you have to at the end do something  according to their rules.

But what if you showed something extraordinary to them? Something so magical that people couldn’t ignore it and fall prey to the magician’s magic?

I’ll tell you, Jane Austen never conformed to the sexist rules of the society but she for sure succeeded in creating a masterpiece in their eyes that would make them listen to her mode of thought and even if they didn’t change their minds, they do admire and hold her high for what she did.

So all women should take a lesson, including me, from a woman like her and do something incredible that sets women finally as an exceptionality to sexism. That’s called magically talented people, someone you don’t want to accept (Sexists) but you can’t ignore them, neither can you explain their magic. Create feminist magic!

I have seen people say that feminism is against men or against modesty or pious religious people but the thing is religions of the world have been changed and manipulated by men to conform to their standard rules.

Islam hasn’t been tampered with and I as a muslim know, we have a whole surah, named after us, “an-Nisa” meaning “the women”, meaning how to treat the women.

In it women are presented as spiritual equals to men and in Imran and Maryam women are given respect, saying that women too, as in daughters can too become or already are capable of doing great things in life.

They can earn outside the household, they have property rights too. Although some men say that it is all just spiritually and not totally, I wouldn’t ever agree to that. Why would God create something so beautifully and so intellectually if he didn’t want them to be equals or have justice in this unfair world?

portrait photo of woman
Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels.com

Feminist always say that women were always different from men only biologically and that differences that arise from biology, they don’t mind and that they are not against religion or it’s obligations.

Then how can this ideology be anti-men or not for all women.
How can women not be equals of men? Weird how people just follow things without analysing or looking into the facts and it kind of bothers me to the core.

The women who invented the ideology were activists and “thinkers”, women who worked their entire lives for a change, who spoke, never gave up, they acted on their words and didn’t just claim to be feminists. Like said in my religion “Do you think you’ll claim and not be tested?” or “claiming or testifying to be something doesn’t make you it” there’s actions and a lifetime of it.

When women will really be free, you ask? When they become scholars and great intellectuals, “intellectually independent”. That’s a hard reality, you can’t just act, you need to put reason and that together will make great efforts and Allah said he judges all
women and men by the heaviness of their efforts. Have you efforts, my friend? Can we make great ones?

This written work is a great effort I hope so far. I hope you can too in your own way have one great big effort that will create great change in this world. As always said change begins with you. And change begins with good sound and appropriate thought but on your terms only.

What are they? Have you thought? If you haven’t, you should and try and make sure that it gets a space, a stage and a chance to be heard on this over crowded world of difficult obstacles, that’s an opportunity. A voice worthy to be heard.

The most biggest and most beautiful voices in the arts are hard to be heard and they gain mainstream fame later, sometimes they don’t even make it to the top.

So lets keep the slate clean and do this contribution for a selfless sake and not for the sake of trying to gain something for our own selves but for the sake of all women, including hijabis, the sick, the handicapped, the oppressed, EVERYONE. A feminist way for everyone.

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